Andy BUsing beautiful, natural, locally sourced materials from South Wales’ (United Kingdom) coastal beaches, these are used create hand crafted art pieces perfect for any home or ideal for a special gift. Made In Stone – Pebble Art was established in 2015 by sculpture and artist Andy.                                                                                                                                        Andy’s mission is to brighten up as many lives and homes with their memories made out of beach materials. He aims to move people with his pebble art pictures and to provoke a positive emotional moment. Produced to a stunning standard, each piece is meticulously put together by hand with love and care.

Hand crafted, decorative pebble art that makes people smile.Web Image

Frames by Andy have been sold worldwide, from local homes in Bridgend, South Wales to orders in Dabui, United Arab Emirates & Australia. Andy’s pebble art pictures are  constantly evolving and changing, increasing in designs.

Made In Stone – Pebble Art make a perfect gifts for all. Pictures can be made for any occasion with no stone piece ever the same.  Andy goes through a lot of stones and hand selects the pebbles from a local beach in South Wales.  Every pebble is carefully selected for Andy’s frames to create stunning scenes, memories that will last forever.

Take a look at the many images in the gallery of Made In Stone and if you would like a bespoke, one of a kind piece made for you or a loved one just get in contact via the ‘Place An Order‘ page and send me a message and let me know what you would like!

I hope you enjoy my work and I appreciate you visiting!